Effective Truck Fluid Maintenance for Keeping Your Truck Health

Maintaining the fluids in your commercial truck is essential for keeping your vehicle on the road and out of the shop. Fluid management helps keep costs down and can allow you to track the oil, coolant, antifreeze, and other fluids dispensed to improve the operational efficiency of your trucks! Your trucks require a lot of fluid to run correctly! These fluids dissipate heat from the engine, lubricate parts, and many other functions so that your truck can perform at the highest level possible. Staying on top of your vehicle’s routine fluid maintenance will ensure a smooth ride is performed every time you drive.  

How Does Fluid Maintenance Work? 

Fluid Maintenance works by changing or checking the fluids in your commercial truck. A fluid change is a typical straightforward process of removing old fluid and replacing it with new fluid. This is typically done every 5,000 miles for your oil, but your other fluids don’t require changes as often. Otherwise, a fluid check is performed, whereas your coolant, transmission fluid, steering fluid, etc., is checked to ensure it is not contaminated or has any issues. Alternatively, fluid flushes are when the entire fluid line is flushed of any impurities to remove any gunk or debris from the fluid lines.  

What Happens If You Put Off Fluid Maintenance Too Long?  

Several negative things occur when you put off your truck’s fluid maintenance. For instance, putting off these common fluids results in: 

  • Oil: Engine damage due to leaking or burning oil. 
  • Steering Fluid: The vehicle becomes more difficult to control when turning. 
  • Windshield Fluid: A build-up of bugs and dirt particles that can decrease visibility. 
  • Transmission Fluid: Rough shifting, which can make driving extremely difficult. 
  • Blinker Fluid: Doesn’t exist. 
  • Brake Fluid: Making it harder to stop your truck can cause an unsafe driving experience for you or anyone else on the road. 
  • Coolant: Your truck’s engine overheating could cause significant engine damage.  

Therefore, keeping up to date with your truck’s routine fluid maintenance is essential for keeping up with your truck.  

Why Fluid Maintenance Improves Truck Management 

Effective fluid maintenance can help improve truck management by giving insight into problems that are occurring in your trucks. At the same time, you are increasing the efficiency of your truck and saving money by finding issues before they become catastrophic events. You can also track your truck’s maintenance by scheduling routine fluid maintenance. This keeps you informed of anything going on in your trucks, which can help you have more informed decisions for your truck management needs. Call our experts today if you need to schedule your truck’s routine fluid maintenance!