How to Preserve Truck Brakes

When operating a heavy-duty truck, the brakes are one of the most important parts of the vehicle that control your stopping power and distance. Although the brakes are durable and have quality parts for daily use, they can suffer from excess wear if you don't take the necessary steps. If you want to preserve your truck brakes, there are a few important tips to follow to avoid replacing them sooner than necessary.

Coast to Slow Down

Applying pressure to the brakes too quickly when you need to slow down can cause the brakes to wear down quickly. Instead, start to coast when you notice a stop sign or stop light up ahead. You'll need to look ahead at the lights to determine how much time you need to come to a full stop instead of slamming on the brakes because you failed to prepare. It's also important to never allow your feet to touch both pedals simultaneously. Two-footing the petals can lead to more brake taps and don't really help the vehicle come to a complete stop, but causes more wear on the parts.

Reduce the Weight of the Truck

Remove excess items in the vehicle to reduce the weight of the car and prevent it from putting more pressure on the brakes. Excess items in the trunk or cabin that aren't used daily can cause the brakes to work harder because the vehicle weighs more. Other items you may not think to remove include aftermarket stereo systems, wheels, body panels, and other customized parts.

Flush the Brake Fluid

As a driver, another step you can take to preserve your truck brakes is to flush the brake fluid to extend the lifespan of the internal components and parts. You should flush the brakes every two years, especially if you own an older model. Flushing the brake fluid will make the brakes operate more efficiently because the fluid attracts more water, causing the moisture to start to boil with a lot of brake use. The moisture can even cause corrosion to form over time, which can cause the rubber seals to wear down quicker and requires brake repair.

Reduce Your Speed

One of the main causes of premature brake wear is due to making complete stops after driving at high speeds. Excess speed can cause the brakes to wear down because they have to work harder if the car is traveling at a higher speed. Avoid driving over the speed limit and give yourself extra time to reach your destination to avoid feeling like you're in a rush. The speed can cause up to 33 percent of more energy to dissipate, which can require brake repair.

Knowing how to preserve your truck brakes can make it easier to save more money with maintaining your vehicle. The steps you take can also allow the vehicle to take less effort to come to a complete stop to ensure the vehicle is safer to operate as you get around.