Lift Gate: Benefits, Growth, and Common Repairs

A functioning lift gate is a necessity for trucks especially from a business aspect. A driver needs to be able to easily access and transport whatever goods are in the truck, and a lift gate allows a less complicated, less strenuous form of accessibility to the transportation and delivery process. Unfortunately, the gate’s functioning can go awry due to a myriad of functionalities, at which point it is essential for the safety of the goods and especially deliverer, that the gate is professionally examined and repaired.

What is a lift gate?

A lift gate is the part of a truck located primarily in the rear of the truck whose function is to raise and lower the items intended to be loaded and unloaded to and from the truck to the ground. It is like a built-in forklift. Trucks of a large magnitude are often used to transport items of either a large capacity or a large magnitude as well, so lift gates are intended to assist in the transportation and make the transportation as least strenuous as possible. Lift gates are an essentiality in the transportation industry. The construction of lift gates was put into motion around 1919 and proved to be a successful invention as over 100 years later the invention continues to evolve. The current design of a lift gate has not changed conceptually but has improved in kinks and increased in variety as far as model options. There are various sizes, heights and weight capacities to choose from when looking to purchase a lift gate. The options also include various ramps and how they operate. Lift gates are commonly automated with hydraulic-powered moving parts, hydraulic-powered meaning it is powered by the controlled circulation of pressurized fluid. Visually, lift gates are typically not that noticeable when they are not being used. Lift gates fold up and blend with the back door of a truck.

What are possible reasons my lift gate is not functioning effectively?

There are a myriad of smaller scale repairs that may be the reason your large lift gate is not functioning. Some possible common issues brought in to be repaired include:

  •       Broken Attaching Bolts
  •      Loose Washers
  •      Back Gate Broken Latch
  •         Bad Lowering Valve Coil
  •         Lowering valve stuck closed.

Specialized truck technicians should know how to trouble shoot most lift gate issues. If you are having any difficulties operating your lift gate it is essential to bring it in for examining as soon as possible to avoid the severity of the problem increasing.