Road Challenges of a Truck Driver

Truck drivers are responsible for receiving, delivering, and distributing products of a company to their customers. Typically, they are tasked with driving and maintaining the trucks assigned to them for the delivery process. Sometimes, due to the inflexibility of their schedules and the limitations of driving a truck, truck drivers face many problems on the road. Many of these issues require a truck mechanic's attention, who often is not reachable at the time. A broken-down truck can be frustrating, especially to drivers who have tight schedules. Here are some of the struggles that truck drivers experience while doing their job:

1. Brake failure/brake fluid leaking

One of the most rampant issues that truck drivers face on the road is brake failure or brake fluid leaking. Trucks that carry a lot of heavy load experience a lot of pressure exerted on the braking systems, especially when driving in a hilly area. Brake failure can lead to fatal accidents on the road. The modern braking systems in trucks are more likely to experience air leaks or fluid leaks. Therefore, truck drivers must check in with their truck mechanic before any long journey to ascertain that the brakes are functioning correctly.

2. Starter issues

Truck drivers in cold areas experience this a lot. A truck may refuse to start up if one of the battery terminals becomes corroded. This problem, however, can be easily fixed by replacing the eroded terminal. Still, it can be inconvenient if you were on an urgent delivery and had to worry about replacing the corroded battery terminals.

3. Poor roads that damage tires

Truck repair can be pretty costly and can take quite some time. A lot of truck breakdowns on the road are usually tire related. Terrible roads can cause quite some stress in the tires. Potholes on the road cause the bolts on the wheels to loosen up, thus increasing the risk of the tire detaching. Punctures, overheated tires, and a misaligned suspension are some of the problems that affect tires in trucks.

4. Overheating of the engine

Truck engine overheating is one of the major causes of roadside breakdowns. It is caused by many factors, such as when the coolant fluid leaks down to a blown gasket. Trucks with modern Diesel engines experience this problem a lot. Properly checking and servicing your vehicle's engine before a long journey may help alleviate significant engine issues.

Other truck driver problems

Aside from the ones discussed above, other common problems that affect truck drivers include:

     Wheel bearing failure

     Auto electrical issues

     U-joint failure

Regardless of how efficient a truck driver is, they will have to deal with an unplanned truck repair at one point in their career due to their vehicle breaking down on the road. Other factors such as bad weather, long journeys, and overloading the truck can also affect the truck's performance, hence causing issues to the truck driver.


While impromptu breakdowns cannot be predicted or avoided, some of these issues affecting truck drivers can be evaded by regular servicing and maintenance of trucks and paying extra attention to the most commonly broken-down areas, such as the brakes. It is ideal for truck drivers to consider having an assistant or a turnboy with experience in repairing minor truck issues. If possible, having a truck mechanic as an assistant can be of great help, especially in a roadside breakdown.